Red Alert is the offensive research department that is part of NSHC group. Red Alert department has 10 years of reputable history, starting from Korea, with invaluable customer feedback throughout the world. Red Alert strives to be Asia’s No.1 Offensive Security Research Company, expanding its operations globally. Currently Red Alert operates in 4 countries under NSHC: Singapore, Korea, Japan and Indonesia, serving clients and partners in over 15 countries worldwide.

Red Alert 10 years of research history has developed its cutting-edge capabilities in 3 major offensive verticals.


Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) is any national organizations’ critical importance. Red Alert’s Offensive ICS/SCADA Security Training, complemented with its very own ICS testbeds for hacking visualization, is one of the leading offensive ICS curriculum in Asia. The curriculum dives deep into the technicalities behind how easy hackers can gain access to the ICS and CII.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

With Asia’s top-notch hackers, the Cyber Threat Intelligence team, ThreatRecon Team, has been tracking and analyzing Asia-based threats. Their expertise mainly lie in tracking threat actor groups, monitoring dark web / deep web and analyzing malware. They offer ThreatRecon Platform for critical threat feeds, monthly threat report and malware analysis training.


Our Security Consulting Team offer a range of security services that serve to strengthen our clients’ IT infrastructure. Our penetration testers are experienced in various domains (network, systems, web etc) and employ different methodology and techniques as compared to a traditional vulnerability assessment or penetration test. 

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    Red Alert operates in 4 countries, serving clients and partners over 15 countries.

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