The Critical Infrastructure Security(CIS) Team is the ICS/SCADA Security division of NSHC RedAlert Labs, and we conduct research on ICS facilities, hardware, software and communication protocols to train global ICS experts and enhance national security.

CIS Expertise

Flexible Customization

Our researchers in CIS team are flexible when it comes to developing course curriculum or building ICS testbeds. We customize curriculum and testbed to suit our clients’ needs.

Practical Skills

CIS team’s research results are critically applicable in the real world ICS environment. We teach what matters, and they are essential for the understanding of hackers’ methodologies.

Latest Research Findings

Withholding zero-day vulnerabilities in ICS software, PLCs, HMIs, hardware and communication protocols, CIS team brings you the latest findings on the table, for your ICS training and testbed.


ICS/SCADA Security Training is Red Alert’s global best-seller. We have conducted training over 10 countries using our custom-made ICS testbeds. Our training provides offensive, hands-on training which is covered mostly with practical labs in understanding hacking methodology for ICS facilities. 

ICS TestBed

CIS team has experts in hardware and scenario development for ICS facilities. Ranging from portable ICS testbeds to smart city diorama, the possibilities of CIS team is endless. Send in your quote today on how you want to develop your own ICS testbed, and we will get back to you the soonest on the testbed.


CIS researchers are well updated with ICS/SCADA threats and vulnerabilities.The team updates ICS/SCADA hacking incidents as well as new methods of OT hacking regularly. These results are written out in a sound report, sold to relevant institutions and companies.


Marvin Lee

CIS Team Manager
ICS Hardware Specialist

Rana Jose

ICS Research Engineer