The ThreatRecon Team is the Cyber Threat Intelligence division of NSHC RedAlert Labs, and we track and define the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of Threat Actor Groups who perform such malicious activity.


Research Expert of Asia-based Threat Actor Groups

Decades of combined research experience into Asia-based Threat Actor Groups


Focusing on APT monitoring in Southeast Asia, East Asia and Middle East

Critical Threats

Tracking over 80 APT and high-profile cybercrime groups

ThreatRecon Platform

The ThreatRecon Team provides Cyber Threat Intelligence Portal and Feeds with a heavy focus on Threat Actor Groups. While many SOCs are already using well-known existing solution, they tend to provide too many irrelevant alerts with no context. ThreatRecon portal, however, focuses on important, contextualized alerts that are critical to your organization. Talk to us and find out more.


We also release Monthly Threat Actor Intelligence reports on the threat landscape related to Threat Actor Groups activity together with recommendations on how organizations can protect themselves from those malicious activities. A summary of this report is also posted every month on our threat research blog. For clients with enhanced requirements, we provide custom in-depth research reports into particular pieces of malware.


Every year, we hold a few training courses around the world. The ThreatRecon Team provides Malware Analysis and Cyber Threat Intelligence training to clients, and in the past some of the countries we have historically conducted our training in are Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Talk to us and join one of our training conducted by world-class researchers.