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Hacking activity of SectorD Group in 2021

SectorD is a hacking group supported by the Irani government, where 18 subgroups have been identified as of now. They carry out hacking activities with the purpose of collecting advanced information such as political or diplomatic information of individuals and countries against the Iranian government

SectorD Group’s Threat Landscape in 2020

2020년 총 17개 SectorD 하위 그룹들의 활동이 발견되었습니다. 이들은 SectorD를 지원하는 정부와 지리적으로 인접하거나, 이들 정부를 반대하는 개인과 국가를 대상으로 정치, 외교 정보와 같은 고품질의 정보를 수집합니다. 이들은 주로 악성 문서를 첨부한 스피어 피싱 이메일(Spear Phishing Email)과 알려진 취약점을 활용합니다.

Hacking Activity of SectorD Group in 2019

A total of 15 subgroups of SectorD have been found to date. They perform hacking activities for the purpose of gathering high-quality information such as politics and diplomacy about individuals or countries that oppose the SectorD government. This article presents a summary of monthly activities of the SectorD Group which were discovered in 2019.