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Hacking activity of SectorC Group in 2021

SectorC is a hacking group in which 13 subgroups has been identified as of now. They collect information regarding governmental activities such as political and diplomatic activities from all around the world, including countries near the supporting government’s borders

SectorC Group’s Threat Landscape in 2020

2020년 총 13개 SectorC 하위 그룹들의 해킹 활동이 발견되었습니다. 이들은 SectorC를 지원하는 정부와 인접한 국가를 포함한 전 세계를 대상으로 각 국가들의 정치, 외교 활동 등 정부 활동 관련 고급 정보를 수집합니다.

Hacking Activity of SectorC Group in 2019

A total of 11 subgroups of SectorC have been found to date. In 2019, the activities of the SectorC01 group were most prominent, followed by the activities of the SectorC08 and SectorC02 groups. SectorC groups conduct extensive hacking activities around the world, and their activities are mainly found in SectorC’s neighboring countries.