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2022 Activities Summary of SectorJ groups (ENG)

In 2022, hacking activities by a total of 32 SectorJ subgroups were identified. Unlike other government supported hacking groups, these groups mainly carry out hacking activities with the aim of securing financial resources. They steal online information with monetary value, or directly hacks specific companies and organizations to disseminate ransomware in the internal network, or steal critical industry secret and demand for ransom in return.

2022 Activities Summary of SectorJ groups (KOR)

2022년 총 32개의 SectorJ 하위 그룹들의 해킹 활동이 발견되었다. 이들은 다른 정부 지원 해킹 그룹들과 다르게 현실 세계에서 금전적인 이윤을 확보할 수 있는 재화적 가치가 있는 온라인 정보들을 탈취하거나, 직접적으로 특정 기업 및 조직들을 해킹 한 후 내부 네트워크에 랜섬웨어(Ransomware)를 유포하거나, 중요 산업 기밀을 탈취한 후 이를 빌미로 금전적 대가를 요구하는 협박 활동 등을 수행한다.

Activities of the SectorJ17 hacking group aimed at stealing user information

At the end of 2019, a hacking activity of SectorJ17 group targeting manufacturing and other industrial facilities in South Korea was found.
The SectorJ17 group is a cybercrime hacking group aimed at earning monetary profit. They have been active since 2014 until now and more active activities have been found since 2018.